Medical Info

Please be sure that your Emergency Contacts know they may receive a call about your camper, and that they have a map, written directions and the phone number in their car during camp week. 

All campers must complete the Online Health Form through GSCNC.  This link will be provided to you after you register your camper or aide.

Health and Special Needs

We are committed to making Camp Tag-A-Long a possibility for every girl.  We will gladly work with parents before camp to discuss options, answer questions and modify plans.  We can meet at the camp with the parents to show them the terrain and determine if the girl will be safe and comfortable.  Keeping secrets is not conductive to providing a safe Day Camp Program.  If your child has any health or medical considerations (i.e. food allergies, asthma, insect stings, ADD/ADHD, hearing impairment, physical disabilities or limitations, autism, etc.), PLEASE, for your child’s well-being, let us know immediately, if you did not include this information on the registration’s health history section.  We will gladly work with parents before camp to discuss options, answer questions and modify plans.  In addition, summer time is a time for many types of “medication/equipment holidays” – day camp is not the place to continue these holidays.  Campers need to be focused, be able to hear directions and see their environment — it is simply for your children’s safety and security while they are in our care.

My daughter has severe food allergies . . . will this be a problem? 

Not with a little help from Mom or Dad! Please complete these sections of the health form.  If your daughter has severe or extensive food allergies/restrictions, you can expect an email from the camp directors with information regarding the Cooking Center and any other food that might be served at camp.  In some cases, we may ask the family to provide substitute food items for their daughter, if needed.

Vomiting at Camp 

Any camper vomiting at camp must go home for the rest of the day.  Health Center Staff will notify parents to come and pick up their camper as soon as possible.

Campers with Fever

If your camper has a fever before you bring them to camp, please keep them home for the day.  If a camper begins to run a temperature after arrival at camp, the Health Center Staff will call the parents to come and pick up the camper as soon as possible.  If a parent cannot come to pick up their camper, they must arrange pick up by an adult listed as an emergency contact on the camper registration form.  The camp will not release your camper to anyone not listed on the registration form.  Adults authorized to pick up your camper should live very close to Leesburg and Loudoun County (be able to arrive at camp within 30 minutes).  Camp Tag Volunteer Staff may not be listed as your Emergency Contact.  The Director will not release Camp Tag Staff during camp hours to transport your camper home. Campers must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to camp.

What are the qualifications of the camp medical staff?

Qualified volunteers provide first aid at camp.  These volunteers have Nursing certifications and/or certified in First Aid and CPR, Level II.  Our Volunteer Health Center staff handles minor incidents such as scrapes, bee stings and overheating.  The GSCNC main office in Washington, DC provides a call line to a registered nurse for non-emergency questions.  The Lucketts Fire Department is less than 10 minutes from camp and provides all emergency transportation. In the event of an urgent situation requiring an ambulance, the Director notifies parents by telephone.  Campers are transported to nearby Cornwall Emergency Room in Leesburg or Lansdowne Hospital Center on Route 7 outside of Leesburg.  The Director making the parent phone call will pass on the specific destination to parents prior to the camper leaving Camp Potomac Woods, if possible. There will be an adult from the camp riding in the ambulance with the camper and will remain with the camper until the parents and/or Director arrives at the Emergency Room.  A copy of the Camper Health Form will accompany your camper.  Please be very specific with this form – do not omit any information from this form because this will be the only information passed to Emergency Health Personnel until the arrival of the parent or emergency contact listed by the parents on the registration form.