What will your camper do at camp?

It’s Camp Tag-A-Long’s 40th anniversary! Join us for a week of archery, campfire cooking, tie-dye, fishing, arts & crafts, outdoor skills, and more as we celebrate our ruby anniversary with a Wizard of Oz theme. Rising 6th graders will go flat-water tubing on Aug. 9. You will earn four or more badges/fun patches and take home a custom tie-dye shirt.

Activities may include:

  • Archery (rising 4th graders and up)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Campfire Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Games
  • Gimp
  • Leatherworking
  • Songs
  • STEM
  • Swimming (No Pixies or Infants/Toddlers)
  • Theater
  • Tie-Dye

PALS (girls who have just completed 5th grade) will go flat-water tubing on Wednesday, weather permitting.


Our campers are placed in Units of 18-22 girls, which are led by 2 adult volunteers and 4 teenage aides.  These units stick together throughout their week at camp and visit an average of 3 centers per day, leaving time for snacks, lunch, games, and lots of other fun activities! 


Your camper will participate in swimming at camp.  Campers will swim 2 times during the week. There may also be a misting tent available in extreme temperatures.   We request that campers wear their two-piece swimsuit under their clothes if they swim during the first half of the day.  Your camper’s Unit Leader will contact you between August 1 and August 11 and can let you know if your camper will need to do this according to the week’s schedule.  On swim days, campers bring their bathing suit, towel and a large plastic baggie or trash bag to put their wet items in after use.  Some units change into the suits for the misting tent, and some do not depending on the time spent at this activity.  Campers swimming the last activity of the day will towel off and wear their swimsuit and a pair of shorts home. 

All campers are swim tested unless they or the parents opt out. If the camper is not swim tested, they will stay in the shallow end or on the pool deck.  Campers receive a tag on their suits color-coded to match their swim ability.  The tag must remain on the suit for the week of camp, or campers may need to be retested, which takes time away from fun in the pool! 

Campers carpooling with Volunteer Staff and siblings of Camp Aides may take part in an after-camp Staff Swim from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm only if they are supervised by an adult or a responsible aide age 14 or older.  There will be lifeguards present.  


All Campers spend their day on a combination of Center and Unit time. At the scheduled centers (arts and crafts, songs, outdoor skills, swimming, etc.), the campers will participate in age-appropriate activities. During unit time, units may work on a badge, hike to the Pooh Tree, or learn a new song or game.  All campers participate in traditional Camp Tag-A-Long activities, including boys and the preschoolers.  

PALs are girls who have just completed 5th grade, our “graduating” campers.  On Wednesday during the week, the camp will take the PALs on a tubing field trip in Harper’s Ferry. We’ll be asking for parents to chaperone and carpool campers.


Every camper will receive a Camp Tag-A-Long patch that she can put on the back of her sash or vest. In addition, Camp Tag-A-Long will provide 3-4 badges that are earned during the scheduled center activities and sent home with the campers on Friday!   Daisies will earn 3-4 fun patches.  We also allow each unit to select additional badges they want to earn (if any).  But remember, the purpose of this day camp is not to earn badges, but to have a wonderful outdoor experience.